How it works

A step by step guide how virtual BIB works.

Step 1: Sign up

The first thing you do is sign up on virtual BIB. This is possible with platforms like Strava or with a virtual BIB account.

Step 2: Register for a race

After you have signed up, you should check for races. You can register for races that are about to start or haven't finished yet.

Step 3: Race

Put on your racing gear. Charge your watch or smartphone and record the race.

Step 4: Submit your result

When you have recovered, simply log in to virtual BIB. Select the race in your account you did. Choose and submit your activity.

Step 5: Goodies

You've earned it. Your digital finisher goodies are now available for you to download.

Step 6: Speak out

Tell friends about your achievements. In social channels don't forget to tag @virtual.bib.